The Tides of Damocles

by Dawn of Azazel

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released April 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Dawn of Azazel Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Often
Run amok in the garden of purity
Defile all that is beheld on high
Piss upon their most beloved sanctuary
Smash open the gates that confine

Frauds camouflaged in forgery
Imposters cloaked in grandeur
Violence and hatreds sweet serenity
Shall permeate their flesh as a hammer

Relish the suffering of my enemies
Savour the fear within their eyes
Delight in their terror and uncertainty
Elated by their agonized cries

Loathing abhorrence and revulsion
Cruelty, sadism and spite
With malice agleam, and disdain supreme
From hells heart I stab at thee

May your offspring be born into vassalage
May you squander your riches upon vanity and conceit
May the cold hand of death caress everything that you hold dear
May you die alone, may your grave be unknown
Track Name: Irresistible Foe
Disciples of discord, Seekers of struggle, antagonistic suitors of hate
Spoiling for strife, restless and rebellious, enticing victims and game
They frozen with fear, awestruck by cruelty, seduced by the hunters gaze
Intensity in my eyes, firm and cold as ice is the hand that wields the scepter

Infatuated with violence and aggression's sweet intoxicating taste
Perched proudly upon the throne of carnivores and birds of prey
Towering high upon the skulls of opponents fallen in my wake
Their crunching bones, and gurgling throats are the greatest accolade

The highest majesty is to lock horns with he
That crushes all who stand before him and brings enemies to their knees
To wage unending war and ever compete
Cast the gauntlet at my feet and embrace your enemy
Track Name: Vassalplasty
Precise aggression and controlled chaos
King of all kings, brightest czar
Words of command and a form of authority
Beyond barked orders or the crack of the whip

Vassals sailing upon stagnant seas of frivolity and woe
Elect submission, await permission, castrated, defanged and bereft of spine
I cannot abide those who blindly follow like vertebrae
I was created from fire not molded from clay
I am a wolf amongst sheep, a carnivore, a predator

Salivating at the thought of danger, perennially chomping at the bit
Lips greasy with the crimson acrylic that has forever colored my perception
Its bitter taste only the intrepid shall acquire, a feast only the ruthless can stomach
Standing proudly erect, poised to attack, grandiose rachis intact

Ambition, discipline and acumen, clout to mold the vice of our age
Corral the pliant, exalt the tyrant, from their ruthless matter are monarchs made
I am a fox amongst the foul, a carnivore a predator
Track Name: The Odious Tides
Submerged by blows seemingly infinite
Saturated with offal, muck and odiousness
Awash in the deluge of fury and rage
Condemned forever to this watery grave
Adrift and stranded, seasick and weak
Hearts sink deeper in tears and fatigue
Blank features bleached and eroded by dismay
Pride capitulated before the relentless waves

Cerulean chasm, mangle and scold
Destroy all vitality, will and resolve
Drown them deep within leviathans abode
Powerless against loathing’s undertow
To the frigid depths of silt and suffering
In Poseidon’s realm, cobalt and cold

Smite then oh swells, drag and descend
Ebullient seas that make mince of men
Rinsed hollow and vacant in this acrid hole
Fire extinguished in the brine and the foam
Stand staunch and static amidst it’s ebb and flow
Defy the currents that would strangle below
Endure the torrents of hatred and strife
Obstinate and stubborn, unflinching and defiant

Wade into the waters of disdain
Anchored in the oceans of violence
Anoint me oh tides of odium
I embrace the coming storm
Track Name: Forever Enduring, Always Ready
Headfirst into the furnace
Embrace its warm caress
The mighty shall not falter
The stalwart shall never rest
On throughout pain and toil
Eager to confront the blade
foolheartedly t’wards the terror
That many would seek to evade
Overcome their weakness, crush them under heel
With infallible iron and the simplicity of steel
By tooth, by claw, by fire
Unyielding to the end
Prevail through battle and contest
Arise above, ascend

Forever at the fore
Ever at the tip of the spear
Forward and fight, with gall ignite
And dance in the ashes of fear

Endure onwards, ever onwards
Stand like a stone amongst men
Weather their blows, stand and oppose
Overcome them again and again

Always on the aggressive
Like a hammer relentless to your head
Unfailing aim, deliver disdain
With an instrument of annihilating lead

Ready to strike deep into the hearts of men
shock and awe, rapidly domineer
All foes, all rivals there is no survival
For he who posseseth fear

Resistance dissipates
Like sand before the wind
The contempted hated and reviled
Rip them all apart
Track Name: Controlled Burn
Endless toiling hands leathery and blistered by fire
Infinite riches and opulence piled upon the pyre
Goad the greedy coals, pour plentiful propellant
Head held high step forwards and embrace my immolation

Pyromaniacal rage erupting through my skin
Unrelenting energy destroying all that lives
Fuming in anger, bursting into flame
And all that is beautiful sucked into its vacuum

Suffocating in the fields of fire
Black smoke smothers all feelings and desire
Flames lick away all moisture as I labour and perspire
In ecstasy ablaze, fan the flames higher

Endless toiling hands strike on through heat and the dark
Where the only illumination is the flicker of the sparks
With fury, anger, rage and unflappable discipline
Hammer with an intensity that melts flesh, bone and iron

Open wounds and lesions harden and cauterized
Tempered in the crucible of weaknesses demise
Compounded and combusted, seared and sealed by the kiln
Step into the ashes and look upon my riches

Entranced and hypnotized watching the embers glow
All that was once thought majestic blackened in the inferno
Left upon fertile soil black as pitch ready for pyriscence
These fallow fields free of weeds await the serotinous seeds to take root

Promethean disciple, son of the morning star
Let it burn on and on
Charcoaled skin ablister, bones broiling and blackened in the hearth
Let it burn on and on
No salve to stem the bleeding, no deity to hear your pleading
There is no refuge from this endless burning fracas
Charred by fire and flame, magma flowing through my veins
Spark its tinder, ignite this cinder, beauty is in the eye of he who smolders
Track Name: Progeny of Pain
Expelled from the womb
Cradled in spite
In this den of wolves
Lightning's lineage
Engendered its birthright to rank
Its edict of power
Destined to be free of chains and shackles
Fullbodied fists
Instincts unblemished
The restless and ruthless, spawn of the abyss

Finest black noble blood
Unbeholden, Hewn from misery
Pain begets the strength of the masters of this world

The law of the strong etched in their bones
Obstinate, unyielding, primed and awaiting impatiently
Hungry for what is rightfully ours

Blackest of titans,
Proud and defiant,
Wield the trident,
Hunt down the frauds,
Split their skulls and slit their throats

Marked for magnanimity
Strife’s brightest sons
From muck and austerity and filth have become
The wolf at your door
The hellions of old
That laugh at your laws and plunder your gold
No place for half measures
No pause or surrender
Take pleasure as aggressor in this solemn endeavour
Pain will pass, victory is forever

Hewn from ash, sulphur and flame
Sworn to the discipline of the blade
Toil, suffering and endless pain
That of which I am made
Track Name: The Eagles Grasp
Lofty and impervious
Amongst thunderbolts and peerless stars
Born to predation, supremacy
To rule arid barren climes

Descend upon the realm of rodents
Fearsome and imperious
Claws lusting for their throats
Hating their every breath

Bone strewn escarpments and sanguine stygian depths
He must have wings who loves the abyss
Talons that grasp firm their prey
The hunger to rend their flesh
Take delight in the slaughter of the enemy
And the hunters solitary sternness

Soaring above in storm studded skies
Mocking those consumed by the depths
Amid cragged cliffs, and cruel rugged rocks
Autonomous and alone
Track Name: Damocles
Live by the sword, die by the sword
A tyrants crown is gilded with angst and terror
Lackluster and dull in the shadow of the scythe

Riddled with racing disordered thoughts
The path to power lies upon the edge of the blade
Scattered with corpses and gibbering apes

Innumerable foes concealed in the shadows
Scorpions, spiders and snakes surround
Slither to deliver palsy in my sleep

Voices intoning bravado and strength
Falter and crack, impulsively lash out
Barely concealing the all consuming fear
Of the possessor of absolute power

He who would rule the coming age
He who would take pleasure in terror
Thrive on unrelenting anxiety and dread
May sleep soundly under the sword of Damocles
Track Name: Tarnished Gold
Your world is falling in flames
Withering visions of mortality
Halcyon house of royalty littered in golden debris
Helplessly watching the fall
Capitulating crumbling parapets
Archaic and dilapidated dynasty
Ruins amidst my feet, a mosaic of rot and defeat
A mural of extravagant tragedy

Sunken amongst the wreckage of one who once elicited
The authority of terror, fear and awe
Snarled commands now but a whisper amongst your funeral winds

Sentinels sneak away silently
Adorers and apostles abandon thee
Brutus grinning beckons thee Judas circles about thee
In the fading light of evenings pall
Viscera rusting in vacuity
Devoid of stamina and sustenance
Constitution courts calamity, mighty muscles atrophy
Emaciated, sullen sovereign

Doomed nobility
The king is dead, long live the king

Casket of tarnished gold
Sinks slowly below the surface
Weep and despair
This is the end